Communication for Social Change
Communication is key to the change we want to see. When done well, communication can connect and move people. That’s why the best advocates are good communicators!
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WiseOwl specializes in communication for social change, with expertise in strategic communication, branding, social marketing, development communication, and social behavior change communication. We want to contribute to positive social change through effective and strategic communication. Our goal is to build, strengthen,  and enhance the ability of communities and organizations to advance the common good by equipping and training them to become better communicators.
How can we help you and your cause?
WiseOwl offers communication solutions focused on your objectives--helping your message stand out from the clutter, so you can make the world better!
The Armory: WiseOwl Equips!
We’ll help arm you with the guides, tools, and plans you need to succeed!
The Foundry: WiseOwl Trains!
We’ll help you master skills through our communication empowerment program!
Strategic Communication
Social Behavior
Change Communication
Narrative Building
Campaign Planning
Story-Based Strategy
Stakeholder Management and Mapping
Hope-Based Communication
Crisis Communication
Ideation and Pitching
Brand Thinking
Research for Strategy
Movement Building
The Parliament of Owls
WiseOwl is especially equipped and trained for communication for social change. We form teams around common goals—expanding our impact through strategic partnerships and expert consultants. 
Oya Arriola
Communication Strategist
Certified Trainer for
Joza Nada
Creative Strategist
Certified Trainer for
Mika Ortega
Certified Trainer for
Aggie Alorro
Account Executive
Rio Marcelang
Art Director
Alden Bartolay
Finance Officer
Who have we worked with?
WiseOwl has worked with government agencies, non-profits, social enterprises, movements, international development organizations, corporate foundations, and advocacy groups.
The Citadel
WiseOwl’s library of resources feature communication-related content
especially created for advocates and activists.
WiseOwl believes in the power of community! Join and co-host events, collaborate on campaigns, and share resources with our community of practice. Connect with fellow communicators and advocates because the more communicators for social change there are, the better!
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